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Eyal Radwinowitz

Eyal Radwinowitz a.k.a ERO was born in 1979, grew up in Tel Aviv and Miami, and is currently based in Tel Aviv. With a unique style characterized by live use of color and elevated motion, Radwinowitz’s art has been internationally exhibited, including in Miami, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tel Aviv, the Netherlands and more.

Radwinowitz has always seen himself as an observer as well as a player in this world: “Human reality and behavior intrigues me - how we feel, how we act and how we react. The driving force to it all is energy - The energy that we receive from the world and the one we generate. As energy is unseen, yet very much sensed, the only way I can depict it is through the abstract. My only tools being the colors and the motion. I recall a visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where a large scale Jackson Pollock painting caught my eyes. That day certainly triggered my evolution from a figurative painter to an abstract one. I was amazed at how a painting which in reality depicts nothing, is in truth so breathtaking and intense in the feeling it arouses. This intensity has stirred my imagination and led me to develop my "ERO Circles" series, aimed at expressing energy and feelings through the archetypical characteristics of colors, and the "Contemporary Futurism" series, which comes to depict energy of motion and speed in today's ultra technological, informational world”. Throughout the years, both series have evolved to new horizons including a dynamic portrait series I call “Faces of Energy”.

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